Executive Recruitment


Anthem is committed to being a place where everyone can thrive, and is proud to employ a rich mix of people dedicated to fulfilling this ambition for the children, young people and staff in our schools.

We nurture our people through high-quality professional development, coaching and leadership opportunities, working in partnership with a range of cutting-edge educational organisations and individuals that promote evidence-based approaches to teaching, learning and assessment.

Recognising talent, sharing expertise

We have created a number of opportunities at Anthem designed to harness and share widely the expertise that we already have within our schools, as well as offer talented teachers and leaders the opportunity to develop in their career and make an even bigger difference to children and young people.

Lead Learners are seconded to the Trust from their base school for a mutually agreed number of days per year, working across Anthem schools in their region. Lead Learners are line-managed by Education Directors and receive high-quality residential training every year. This role is an ideal step towards becoming a Specialist Leader in Education.

PLN Leaders facilitate our Professional Learning Networks - collaborative regional networks where best practice can be shared and developed. Unlike the Lead Learners, PLN Leaders are not seconded but take on their duties in addition to their current position for which they receive an additional responsibility allowance from the Trust. Primary PLN Leaders are line-managed by Education Directors and are appointed for a term of one year. Secondary PLN Leaders are line-managed by our Curriculum Team Leader and, like their Primary counterparts, are appointed for a term of one year.

Professional Development

In all areas of work, and for every individual, Anthem seeks to unleash talent, create tailored opportunities, and develop experts.  

We provide professional development that has something for all, with programmes for leadership at all levels, including NPQs, other accredited programmes and national training, bespoke training and opportunities for leaders rooted in a review of professional needs; training programmes for support staff, linked to NVQs and apprenticeship programmes; professional development opportunities and training for teachers at all points in their career to become the best practitioners possible.  

At Anthem, CPD also means collaborative professional development, and the opportunities we provide are designed to complement the ongoing day-to-day practices that we encourage, including peer observation and feedback, joint practice development, networking (including through Professional Learning Networks), personal reflection and research.